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  • The lightest, most compact, and most efficient hybrid system.
  • 40% to 60% fuel and CO2 reduction
  • average 6 to 18 months return on investment
  • Easy retrofit and new build installations
  • Reduce combustion engine running hours. Increasing engine lifetime. Reducing maintenance costs.
  • Available in 10kW, 20 kW and 50kW

How it works

Hybrid Module Inverter OCC PDU HCU FCU

Technical information and benefits

Voltage 400 V
Current 180 A
IP-Rating 67
Power 20 kW
Torque 170 Nm
Weight 46.1 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 342 mm x 319 mm x 214.5 mm
Volume 11.7 l


• Seamless integration into the current boat system

• Intuitive operation through main throttle and amperetta controls

• Minimal maintenance requirements for cost-effective sustainability

• Undergoing rigorous evaluation for CE & DNV certification

• Easy installation: your combustion direct shaft remains unaltered

About amperetta

Founded in 2013, by global leaders in the automotive industry, Amperetta pioneers sustainable marine propulsion by harnessing advanced automotive technologies.

Our mission is to lead the Maritime Sector’s Green Transition and fight climate change one vessel at a time by installing simple and efficient plug-in hybrid systems.

The Maritime emissions are growing. A reduction of 70% from this sector is crucial by 2050. The journey to decarbonization in maritime transport involves a range of technologies, each with its unique potential to reduce CO2 emissions. At amperetta we believe hybrid technology is the ideal solution as hybrid systems offer variable reductions based on their reliance on electric propulsion versus conventional fuels.


Kenneth Dalsgaard

Carina Münster

Christoph F. Meyer

Lead Engineer


Jan Haustein



Cagatay Ural

Sales Manager

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