The sustainable power
of silence…

Discover why Amperetta is your hybrid solution of choice.

With its compact dimensions, amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE can be used in virtually any boat designed for inboard engines.

Whether shaft drive or stern drive, amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the solution.

The smallest and most compact system on the market.

amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the powerful, compact and easy-to-use full hybrid on the water. A powerful electric motor is available for sensitive maneuvering as well as for slow and medium speed. It operates almost silently. If more power is needed, the combustion engine takes over and uses the e-motor as a generator to recharge the battery without you having to intervene. Fuel savings of up to 50%. As a result, the system range is even greater than with pure combustion drives.

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Auckland Boat Show // 23 - 26 March 2023

Amperetta will attend the Auckland Boatshow.

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System benefits

Amperetta hybrid-drive turns modern marine combustion engines into easy-to-use next generation hybrid pro- pulsion systems. Amperetta hybrid-drive uses digital communication throughout. It interfaces directly with the donor engine via CANbus (J1939) and offers three modes of operation: diesel, electric and hybrid easily selectable via a 7in color display at the helm. Furthermore the display provides information about system health, range, power output etc.

All modes of OPERATION MAKE use of the STANDARd donor engine’s DIGITAL throttle, ensuring SAFE AND intuitive OPERATION, to control engine speeds both in electric AND combustion drive. AmperETTA hybrid-drive system control is independent, MEANING the donor engine CAN OPERATE when the hybrid drive system is switched off AND vice VERSA. This is ACHIEVED by integRATION of AN ACTIVELY ACTUATED clutch into the hybrid module, which ensures FAILSAFE mechanics.

For BOAT builders, DIGITALLY INTEGRATED systems reduce both INSTALLATION AND commissioning time due to EASE of connectivity AND flexibility when ADJUSTING to INDIVIDUAL BOAT designs. AmperETTA hybrid-drive is A turn-key solution,


Sustainable one with nature

You want the amperetta hybrid drive also for your existing boat? No problem!


Almost any boat that previously used a combustion engine can also have the amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE installed. You only need a little extra space for the battery and control components.


Just send us a message if you would like to receive more information about refitting / upgrading an existing combustion engine with amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE or complete renewal of the drive train or if you are planning to equip a new boat with amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE.

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One of the most preferred hybrid solutions.

  • Why worry about the technical side? Developed to unburden yourself and enjoy the silence.
    Designed and developed with a background in one of the largest European leading brands in automotive.
  • Flawless integration with the controls your new or even existing combustion engine onboard.
  • Build to last, low maintenance as one of the basic design principals.
  • European high standards were it comes to durability, quality, materials, thoughtfulness.
  • We care.

Convincing facts

  • Smallest and most compact system on the market
  • 4 times torque
  • Weight reduction by more than 30
  • Mounting takes place on a shaft
  • The coupling is already included in the element
  • Up to 50% savings on diesel fuel