Amperetta manufactures a fully integrated parallel hybrid-drive system for inboard engine vessels, for retrofitting, and new builds. With its compact dimensions, amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE can be used in virtually any boat designed for inboard engines.

Whether shaft drive or stern drive, amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the solution.

Easy Engineering: What are the ranges of products, and what types of services do you offer?

We currently offer a plug-and-play, turnkey hybrid system in the range of 10kW to 75kW.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products / solutions, and what special features do they have?

We have the smallest, lightest, and most compact fully integrated hybrid system on the market. We do integration better than anyone. Our system is easily retrofitted to existing inboard engine boats and seamlessly integrated. For example, your gas/speed lever operates both the combustion engine and the hybrid system. Our system is packaged with an integrated clutch, water cooling, and modular battery solutions.

E.E: How do your best products / solutions work?

The hybrid system is installed between the combustion engine, propeller shaft, and gearbox. Or between the Combustion engine and the saildrive or z-drive. You can run Hybrid Mode with an automatic transition between Electric Mode and Combustion Mode or pure Electric and Combustion Mode.

This makes the electric engine engage or disengage, and you benefit from regenerating power through the amperetta module for your batteries. It ensures that the combustion engine will always work, in any case, independent from the amperetta Hybrid-Drive system.

E.E: In what types of projects do clients use your products / solutions?

The system is used for both retrofit and new boats, mostly Yachts, water taxis, and fishing vessels.

E.E: How important is innovation / R&D in your field?

Innovation and R&D are essential in our field. The maritime industry needs to minimize its CO2 emissions by 70% before 2050. The maritime industry emits the equivalent of Japan, the world’s sixth-largest emitter of CO2. More and more cities, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Venice, are expected to ban combustion engines within city limits completely. These are difficult problems we must find solutions for, and they can only be solved with science and innovations.

E.E: How do your products /solutions increase profitability for users?

Our hybrid system minimizes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 40% to 60%, typically resulting in a return on investment of 6-18 months. It also extends the operating life and maintenance needed for your combustion engine.

E.E: How can clients sustainably use your products / solutions?

Our system minimizes CO2 emissions by 40% to 60%.

E.E: How do you see the future in your field?

Pure electric solutions have it’s obvious limitations. Like with your car, you cannot just pull over and charge at the next stop if you’re in the middle of the ocean. A hybrid system gives you the best of both worlds: electricity and silence when you need that and normal propulsion. Also, our hybrid system can be used to charge the batteries again. Hybrid is still new, but interest is rapidly increasing.

E.E: What are the business plans for 2024?

We are working on two fronts: 1) expanding our market and 2) developing 100kW and 150kW solutions.