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Build of the amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE

A conventional marine diesel engine is connected to one of our hybrid modules on its output shaft. The modules consist of a separating clutch and a high-performance electric motor. Our HCM (hybrid control module) controls whether the clutch is closed or opened. The electronics use power from the battery for the electric motor when driving or, when the diesel engine is running, flow back into the battery from the electric motor (which then serves as a generator) and recharge it.

Main Equipment Topology

Variants of the amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE

Small Hybrid Module (20 kW)

small hybrid module 20kw

Small Hybrid Module is for diesel engines up to 300 BHP

ca. 340 mm Ø
210 mm height
57,2 kg

Large Hybrid Module (50 kW)

large hybrid module 50kw

Large Hybrid Module is for diesel engines up to 450 BHP

ca. 370 mm Ø
340 mm height
66,1 kg

amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is designed as a turnkey solution. The package contains all the components needed to hybridize a diesel engine. It comes with a DNV-GL certified battery system. In the basic version this has a nominal voltage of 240V over 10kWh electrical capacity, but can be expanded to more than 32kWh.


Battery Control Module (BCM): 8kg
Battery Module (BM): 19kg
L/W/H: 442,5 x 310 x 115 mm
Additional components (control/power management, cooling system etc.): typical weight ca. 85 kg

amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is currently available for a growing number of donor engine families, such as:

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    VolvoPenta D3

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    VolvoPenta D4

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    VolvoPenta D6

Other compatible engines are in preparation. Please send an inquiry.

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