About Us

amperetta was founded in 2013 to bring hybrid technology to the boating market. After forming strong partnerships at the early stages of our project, our efforts in the past years were to transition development work from those external partnerships towards our own technical team, to be fully in control of our design and know-how. amperetta consists of experts in both fields, automotive and boating plus experts in mechanical engineering – one of the fields Germany has earned fame for all over the world. amperetta will become "THE" innovator for marine drivetrains in small to medium sized boats, maybe even beyond that.

amperetta hybrid boat

Venice goes hybrid

amperetta teams up with Classic Boats Venice to revamp one of the most beautiful boats in the lagoon area. Sweet Molly is an example of boating elegance and sophistication. Built in 1938, restored in 2019, and reengineered for 2020. This cinematic boat built in Sweden has called Classic Boats Venice her new home for the past 2 years, where guests get the chance to experience Venice aboard this magical boat. In 2020, this one of a kind beauty will turn more heads with the inclusion of an amperetta state of the art hybrid engine.

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