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amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the powerful, compact, and easy-to-use plugin-hybrid on the water. Strong electric motors are available for accurate maneuvering as well as for slow and medium cruising. amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE runs almost silently. If you need more power, the internal combustion engine takes over and uses the electric motor as a generator to recharge the battery without any need to intervene. Fuel savings up to 50%. The system range is thereby even higher than with pure combustion drives.

Sustainable Boating

Possible uses of the hybrid drive

Due to its compact dimensions, it can be used in virtually any boat designed for inboard engines.
Whether shaft drive or sterndrive, amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the solution.

The following driving modes are possible:

Full Hybrid

The hybrid mode combines the advantages of both drive types. It reacts actively to the current power demand with automatic change to the optimal propulsion type.


Electric Mode

The super-quiet electric mode allows purely electric driving even on protected waters, which are closed for boats with combustion engines.


Diesel Mode

The diesel mode uses the power of the diesel engine for propulsion of the boat and excess power reserves for recharging the battery system.

Upgrade Your Vessel Today

You want to experience the future with amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE in your boat? Let's get started! amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE requires little more space than a conventional combustion engine, making it the natural choice for refits with limited space in the engine compartment. amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is compatible with sterndrive and inboard designs.

Contact our friendly team if you would like to get more information about possible refit / upgrading options for existing propulsion systems or to (re-)fit a completely new powertrain in your boat, whether existing or new build.

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