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On the water under a vast sky, the soft sound of the waves and the call of the birds from the reeds swaying in the wind are among life’s greatest pleasures – assuming you can hear them.

So far this pleasure has been denied to those in motorboats, because even at idle the engine is noisy. Electric boats are quiet, but until now have only offered the choice between very expensive or painfully slow.

amperetta hybrid changes everything.

This drivetrain will be the first powerful and affordable full-hybrid on the water. A strong electric motor will accelerate the vessel up to gliding phase and operates almost silently at slow and moderate speeds. If you need more thrust, or the battery is discharged, the combustion engine starts automatically and uses the electric motor as a generator to quickly recharge the battery – without anything required on the skipper’s part.

The amperetta system not only lowers noise but reduces the fuel consumption dramatically, all that at an only slightly higher price of a comparable maritime diesel engine.

Experience the future – now!


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A compact internal-combustion engine (Volvo Penta D-3 Series from 110-220hp) and high-performance electric motor (20-30kW) are connected on the shaft with an automatic clutch that is opened or closed by a computer control unit. Power electronics control the flow of the electricity between the battery and electric motor, which can also work as a generator to recharge the battery.


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The control unit automatically provides the following drive modes:

In full-hybrid mode, the high torque of the electric motor alone is used to accelerate.  As boat speed rises and electric energy is drawn down, the control unit automatically starts the engine and closes the clutch, synchronizing shaft speeds seamlessly.  Now the electric motor operates as a generator, and the battery is recharged.

If the throttle is returned to idle, the combustion engine is automatically switched off, similar to the stop-start systems in cars. This not only saves fuel, but also reduces noise, so that the ambient sounds of wind and waves are always more present than the operation of the engine.

The skipper can select an electric-only mode, in which the combustion engine is never engaged.  The control unit can also use the combustion engine earlier or more often to maintain a desired battery charge level, as chosen by the skipper.


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For the amperetta hybrid drive, there are many possibilities. The standard version will provide approximately 175 hp (ca. 130kW), but stronger configurations are possible either with a more powerful combustion engine or a stronger electric motor.
Due to compact dimensions and the lack of additional batteries, the amperetta drivetrain can be installed in almost every boat constructed for inboard engines. Whether it is shaft-driven or a sterndrive, amperetta is suitable for both.
The following operating modes are possible:

1. Port Mode/License-free

The drivetrain can be programmed electronically to limit power to a legal maximum (in Germany, for example, 15hp) so that boats can be used by charter clients or others without a boating license. In port, limited power allows for precise maneuvering, especially with slow-turning sterndrive propellers. This mode can be “locked” with a master key, so other modes cannot be chosen.

2. Purely Electric

With the control switch in this position, the combustion engine is disabled and the boat will be powered only by the electric motor. This is useful for protected areas (e.g., lakes in Austria and southern Germany) where the use of combustion engines is forbidden. This mode can be also “locked” with a master key.

3. Full-hybrid

This is the standard mode. The boat is immediately ready to start and doesn’t require a warm-up period. Setting off and accelerating with high torque is made possible by the high-performance electric motor alone, and the engine starts after the boat is planing. If more power is needed, or the battery is discharged, the combustion engine starts and also propels the boat – without any action required by the skipper – and automatically runs in its optimal rev range so that fuel consumption is minimized.

4. Generator/Charging Mode

This mode is useful when the driver needs the full battery charge for a later point in time. The combustion engine will run continuously and recharge the battery through the electric motor, which works now as a generator, so that the full charge is available when needed. By installing an optional second clutch, this mode can be used to recharge with the propeller disengaged, as when anchored or moored.

Do you need more power?

Combine two drivetrains or ask for an individual solution for your boat.


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As – depending on the use – most of the time the electric mode will be used in low and medium speeds the combustion engine will only kick in when the optimum rpm-range will be used. This reduces the consumption radically. Calculations have proved a lower consumption of 40-55% in changing speeds.

Typically, the combustion engine is only used for 20-30% of the time on the water, which saves a lot of fuel. A full charge of the battery from shore power costs only a few Euros, and for the most part, this current is included in the mooring fees.


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Do you want the amperetta hybrid-drive for your boat? No problem! Wherever a classic combustion engine was fitted, the amperetta drivetrain can be installed. You only need a little extra space for the battery.

It doesn’t matter if you have a propeller on a classic shaft or a sterndrive. Initially we will produce the standard drivetrain with the Volvo Penta D-3 Series, but don’t hesitate to ask for individual solutions for your boat.

Adapting a hybrid module to your existing motor is not currently possible because each engine has its own performance characteristics, making the adaptation more complex than a complete system replacement (except newer Volvo-Penta D-3 models).


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You will find a more detailed data sheet here after the begin of production.

power internal combustion engine approx. 110-220hp (Volvo Penta D-3 Series)
power electric motor/generator approx. 15kW continous, 28kW peak (20-38hp)
battery capacity 13 or 17 kWh
range electric minimum 35km
range hybrid/combustion engine depends on the tank capacity
speed range approx. 0-4.000 rpm


design | capabilities | consumption | retrofitting | specifications | preorder | contact

You could be one of the first to glide quietly over the water with an amperetta hybrid-drive. Get in touch with us now and we’ll let you know as soon as ordering is possible. » contact


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amperetta GmbH was founded in March 2013 by Ulrich Setzermann after more than two years of preparation. He was joined by Andreas Münster in 2014. The company develops and markets a plug-in full-hybrid boat drive built on proven automotive components that is unique in not only its range, power and fuel consumption, but also in its affordable price.  In addition, the aim is to reduce engine noise to a level that is quieter than the boat’s surroundings.


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managing partner, initial investor
Andreas Münster

Born in 1973, he has had a passion everything technical. He turned his attention towards IT and made it his profession while still taking classes at University. With the inspiration gained from this environment he started freelance work in IT, looking to be better than his competitors. This work lead to the foundation of his own IT consultancy and administrion business in 2010, which he has led ever since.

Interest in amperetta came in early 2014, when he learned about the project and its chances. He became amperettas first investor and watched the project make progress from the side lines. In summer 2015 however, it became clear that amperetta needed direct support to build up the necessary structures to form a successful business. So he accepted the challenge and took over the role of managing partner from Ulrich Setzerman.


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